Joyful Joeys 4 Jesus

Sharing God's Love through Laughter!

Check out our calendar for available dates!  Summer is filling up fast!!



Joyful Joeys 4 Jesus serves as an outreach ministry of Post Road Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The ministry began with its first graduating class in August of 2006 and has grown from five graduating participants to 14 active members in the ministry. 


Alley members are available for performances and participation in community events and gatherings, as well as being used during worship services or other church activities to illustrate a Biblical truth.  


The ministry specializes in the art of Christian clowning and its members are skilled in various clown arts, such as balloon sculptures, face painting, gospel and silly magic, comedy sketches, juggling, plate spinning, puppetry and story-telling.  


One-on-one classes are offered to those wishing to participate in this ministry opportunity.